Monday, 28 July 2014

Break out the barby

Yesterday (Sunday 27.07.14) was wonderful, we spent a wonderful time of fellowship at Elim in Ripley. which you can read about here, Fellowship Sweet

Emma my daughter came to pick me up later as we were all going to Hannah (my daughter who has a blog too which you can read here) and Phil s for a BBQ. Phil loves meat and makes his own burgers,

I must admit they were delicious, he also makes his own sauces etc,

the BBQ was soon under way and we spent a wonderful relaxed afternoon.

There was one point when I thought we were going to have gatecrashers, 

I think if the pilot had put a sign on his windscreen saying beware of low flying aeroplane we would have been able to read it, I was just a little slow with the camera, due mostly to the fact I had a plate on my lap and a burger in my hand.

We had a little visitor too in the form of a very small caterpillar but our food was quite safe (apart from the salad I guess) as it seemed to be quite happy munching away on a leaf.

We all, Mark, Emma, Phil, Hannah, Sarah, 

(who had nipped in in between shopping and looking after a sick Huey which is why they weren't with us) myself and the wee caterpillar had our fill.

 Especially of the cakes some of which Hannah had made. I think the sun must have got to me a little as I thought I had to be at church for seven when in fact the meeting was at six, Emma got me home in time to walk, I needed that to wake me up!!

 Again it was a wonderful time of fellowship which I have shared on my other blog.

Sunshine, good company, good food, starting with fellowship and ending with fellowship it doesn't get much better than that, I am so blessed, thank you Lord.

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